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Mauro Mattei Art Trust is the art trust created to manage Mauro Mattei’s contemporary art collection. The collection took the form of an Art Trust following the idea of its founder, Mauro Mattei, partner at BeAdvisors, an independent advisory firm based in London and Milan and founder of the crowdfunding platform BeArt, who has over twenty years’ experience in the tax, trusts and wealth management fields.

Art Trust

Identifying the best strategy for the conservation and enhancement of an art collection is certainly one of every collector’s recurring thoughts. Art Trusts are one of the best tools for an efficient wealth planning and for the generational transfer of artistic assets; they are able to provide a unitary and organized management of the collection, protect their assets from external aggressions and, at the same time, satisfy collector's wishes in the field of patronage and philanthropy.

Not for profit

MMAT is a not for profit organization and has an active philanthropic role, consistent with Mauro Mattei’s constant engagement both as longtime patron of Contemporary Art Society in London and as a Club GAMeC supporter in Italy.


MMAT is focused on young and emerging artists: all the acquisitions are coordinated by the Scientific Committee of the Trust, composed by a curator, an art advisor and an art collector, selected among the most experienced and competent in their respective fields of activity. MMAT wants to foster collaboration and dialogue among all the players actively supporting art and artists (museums, foundations, collections and other art trusts).

Acquisition Prize and Residency Programs

MMAT is aimed at creating residency programs between Italy and the United Kingdom and in May 2019 has launched the first edition of a special "Acquisition Prize": the Prize is intended to be itinerant and it is focused on patronising the most innovative and disruptive emerging artists on a global scale.